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Regional variation in the adult body dimensions should be taken into consideration when assessing the growth or nutritional status of any population. The finding of significant regional variation helps in planning priorities for research and preventive measures, even programs could be tailored according to the needs of each region. With this intention in mind the present study was undertaken cross-sectionally to assess the magnitude of regional differences in respect of certain anthropometric measurements of adult Deoris from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The data was collected from two districts of Arunachal Pradesh and four districts of upper Assam in respect of stature, sitting height, lower extremity length, head circumference, girth of bicep, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, calf circumference, bi-ac romial diameter, bi-illiac diameter and body weight. No significant difference has been found in all the anthropometric measurements under study between the adult Deoris of Assam and
Arunachal Pradesh. The Deoris of both the states have medium legs and have a medium body build for both the sexes. The present finding therefore points towards similar genetic endowment in both the population as well as the prevailing conditions also show similar influence on the body measurements .This suggests that may be both the population is from the same parental population and then bifurcating in two different regions. This goes in conformity with what the legends say in the region.

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