Physical activity levels and child growth

What happens when physical activity levels in a community decrease drastically as a result of big transformation of a traditional agricultural economy to a mechanized society? Scientists at the CUNY Hunter College, New York, and University of Utah, Salt Lake City have come up with a conclusion that sizable increases in mean height, weight, and triceps skin fold thickness Read More

Mother Tongue and Education

Linguists, language experts and child-psychologists believe that children can learn better in their mother tongue but that doesn’t go against multilingual education. It has also been observed that children studying through multilingual system develop better thinking and skills than monolingual education systems. Parents and peer all can help the child understand the issues if it Read More

The vanishing human tribes

The biodiversity has been on the decline very fast  in the  recent past due to large scale deforestation, mining, urbanization, warfare, migrations and  emission of gases. These  human activities have been affecting the survival of the isolated human tribes as well. Now, there are very few isolated human tribes living on the edge who are Read More

Sustainable Development Goals

Ruthless exploitation of natural resources in the name of development took place exponentially during the last few decades globally. Those nations which were left behind in this race have now embarked upon a path of using the bounty of nature to extract maximum out of it and register a higher rate of national growth. Alarmed by Read More

Urban Rural divide in Healthcare

Recent report of United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) indicated a large global rural population of 56 per cent having no access to critical healthcare. The disparity in healthcare widens when rural household conditions are coupled with poverty. Such instances abound in Africa where up to 83 per cent of the people don’t have these Read More

Ebola virus outbreak

The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is the largest of all earlier outbreaks and is the cause of serious concern for all of us. The Ebola virus disease (EVD) is believed to be transmitted from wild animals to humans and then it spreads through human-to-human transmission. The disease is highly fatal with an Read More

El Niño effect

El Niño events have been occurring for hundreds of years, but have recently become a point of huge concern for the human race and the global climate. For the fishermen of Peru and Ecuador, warm water currents on their coastline bring scarcity of fish and heavy rainfall which occurs every three four years and are Read More

GDP and its Alternative

Gross domestic product is a misleading measure of national success”, Robert Costanza and colleagues write in Nature’s issue of 15th January 2014. This sounds interesting and make us think about it very seriously. The well being of every individual on earth should be the motto of all national governments. Gross Domestic Product was devised during Read More

Universal Health Coverage

The Globalization and Liberalization have brought about tremendous changes in the overall development scenario, consumption patterns and distribution of wealth throughout the world. While the rich are getting richer the poor have no hope of improving their lot. Health care delivery systems in many countries have become privatized. People have to spend a lot of Read More

17th World Congress of IUAES 2013

The 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences IUAES 2013) will be hosted by the University of Manchester, Manchester (UK) on August 5th-August 10th, 2013. The IUAES congress is held after every four years. The theme of the presentCongress is “Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds”.The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Read More

Anthropological Diversity

Anthropological Diversity Biological diversity is responsible for opening new vistas for evolutionary processes among living beings. Exploration of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Human Genomes of different ethnic groups and individuals is paving the way to understanding the complexity of different human diseases as well as specific traits. Recently a group of human geneticists Read More