The vanishing human tribes

The biodiversity has been on the decline very fast  in the  recent past due to large scale deforestation, mining, urbanization, warfare, migrations and  emission of gases. These  human activities have been affecting the survival of the isolated human tribes as well. Now, there are very few isolated human tribes living on the edge who are on the brink of extinction. Of great importance among them are many tribes which live in the Amazonian basins mainly in the countries of Peru and Brazil. With the invasion of Europeans, the original inhabitants of America  were pushed to the wall were  killed and destroyed. The story of remaining primitive tribes of the world is likely to be repeated and end  in tragedy in due course of the upcoming history. Unscrupulous invasions  by greedy criminals into the habitat of these tribes would lead to bloodshed where the tribes would be the ultimate sufferers. In most places the habitat of such people are already shrinking due to the greedy human activities. The immune system of these tribes can’t cope up with the diseases of the modern world. The contact with the outside world is likely to bring in disease and peril  to these tribes. Already the number of people of some tribes is dismally low to survive. The natural way of life of these tribes is their right to live and thrive. the Government of Peru adopted a policy in 2006 of “no contact”of the  isolated people with the outside world. The is highly appreciable and any attempts to change or thwart this policy must be opposed tooth and nail. Besides, it is the duty of the concerned governments  to safeguard the boundaries of the natural habitats of these people so that they  may remain as “uncontacted” as far as possible.

Professor S. P. Singh, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Human Biology Review
Former Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences,
Punjabi University, Patiala, India

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