Peer Review Process

Peer review of the manuscripts is an important process for maintaining the standard of the journal therefore the management of the journal welcomes the academic colleagues joining us as referees and appreciates the work they had done and would be doing. The journal would strive hard to maintain a system of refereeing to evaluate the manuscripts. Since the process of peer review is not possible without the help of the scientific fraternity, therefore, the help of the authors is solicited in this process. They are requested to suggest four or five referees to assess and evaluate their work.

The original papers, short communications and Review articles will be sent to two referees for review. Satisfactory and positive comments of both the referees are required for the publication of the manuscripts. In case of a positive and a negative report, the paper will be sent to the third referee. Only in case of a positive report by the third referee, the paper will be published.

The scientists suggested by the authors should be from their broad fields of research that are well known in their subjects. It must be kept in mind that the suggested referees should be from any country. The only exception is that the authors should not suggest referees from their own institutions. Contact information about the referees which includes the email ID and institutional affiliation should be provided by the authors.

It is a single blind peer review process. The reviewers know the authors but the authors don’t know the reviewers.

The authors are morally bound to help in keeping the review process unbiased and confidential. Therefore it is strongly advised that the authors themselves should not contact the suggested referees. The journal will choose any two referees out of the list and would contact them for the review process. If the review process is getting delayed, the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board has the right to send the manuscript to other experts from the resources of the journal or any other expert even from outside as they may deem so in the best interest of the journal.

The authors shall be informed through email the status of their paper. After the review process, the authors shall be informed whether the paper has been accepted, rejected or sent for revision.

The accepted papers would be queued up for publication in the forthcoming issue(s).