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The present study has been done to find out the trends of height, weight and BMI of young Haryanvi females of Sirsa, Fathehabad, Hisar, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Sonipat, Karnal, Ambala and Jind Districts. The prime objective of the present study was to estimate the body mass index (BMI) among females of 5.00- 20.99 year of age. Subjects are subdivided into eight age groups i.e. ranging from 5.00-20.99 years. Height and weight of the female subjects is measured using standard anthropometric techniques. BMI is computed for each individual. It has been found that the distribution of height and weight around the mean is increasing over the ages in all the age groups. Highest mean value for weight and BMI i.e. 50.39 ± 8.92 and 20.75 ± 3.95 is observed in the subjects of age group 19.00-20.99 whereas highest mean value for Height is observed in the age group 15.00- 16.99 i.e. 157.62 ± 5.00. Least mean values for height and weight and BMI (114.13 ± 3.155, 15.932 ± 1.79 & 12.295 ± 0.965 respectively) falls under same age group i.e. 5.00-6.99. Subjects are categorized under Normal, underweight and overweight according to International Classification of underweight, overweight and obesity according to body mass index (BMI) given by WHO. Z-scores (BMI in kg/m2) are calculated. All the subjects from the age group 5.00-6.99 categories underweight, among them 40% of the subjects are severe thin and 28% are categorized as thin whereas overweight subjects are present in 9.00-10.99, 11.00-12.99 and 19.00-20.99 age groups i.e. 30%, 14% overweight and 34% in pre-obese category respectively.

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