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Hard training during puberty is one problem of young sportsmen for the long term top level development. Sports and nutrition form the whole body of the children, beginning with the brain and mental development and the growth process of the somatic parameters. There are relations between nutrition, training and somatic development. In relation to hard sports overloading and strain is reported about catch-up-growth.

Hypothesis was how it is possible to recognize these characteristic aspects during monthly investigations of short term growth. It was to raise the question if there are also relation between these aspects and health status of the youngster? Fundamental was the aspect of newest nutrition sciences. During one year, all 28 days young sportsmen with age between 12 to 18 years (Athletes, Handball Player, Soccer, Weight Lifter, Normal Population) where investigated. Every investigation was morning between 9 and 11 am o clock. The nutrition status, training loading, training periodic and performance were analysed during the year’s period.

Determined were the biological age, the growth velocity and the growth dynamic with growth type estimation. Estimation of Muscle Mass, Skeleton Mass and Fat Mass was performed. It could be recognize the different growth types, the high of loading, the relation to performance development and the different nutrition aspects during period of 12 month. The results shown, that there are very strong relation between growth dynamic, nutrition, training loading, training periodic and the performance development of the young sportsmen.

All results must face the facts in unity and complexity. So it could be described the different growth dynamic of the body (stable growth type, dynamical growth type) e.g. of muscle mass, bone mass, fat mass, height and weight, the relation to strength and speed performance and the nutrition status during the different training periodic. The training loading, nutrition and growth velocity influenced the health and performance status. The results show that the coaching team has to bear a big responsibility for the right and optimal sports way of the growing sports youth.

Typical opinions of nutrition, drinking and food using are described. Characteristic growth during the process of one year could be demonstrated for training. Practical recommendations for training and the periods of training and phases of growth dynamic were given. Nutrition of the young sportsmen is one main aspect for the long term development of children and youth during the growth period as well as for the right nutrition and for the best health of these talents.

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