2. Original Scientific Paper

The Soanian tools have since been reported from various sites in India and Pakistan, but their typochronology was poorly understood. Until now the Soanian tools have been procured from undated surfaces with their times of fabrication based on outdated Alpine glacial chronology. Because of meager collections and sporadic finds the Soanian tools were usually represented with chopper/chopping tools and associated flakes with few tools fabricated on them (Early and Late Soan). Here we report many new tool types like pitted cobbles, small and large core tools and a flake rich assemblage, mostly associated with Black and Red Ware potsherds and Harappan type potsherds from the terraces of River Satluj near Nangal (Punjab: India). The chronology of the tool-bearing terraces has been established using quartz OSL ages which are deposited between mid-Holocene and late mid-Holocene times. It is suggestive of convergence of different societal communities (mainly late-Harappan) close to the remnant sources of water during the mid-Holocene Global aridity.

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