7. Original Scientific Paper

The purpose of this study was to determine somatotypic variations in rural women of Punjab. The study sample consisted of 300 healthy rural house wives between 50-80 years, subdivided into six age groups.Somatotypes were computed according to the equation given by Carter (1980). The results show a dominance of endomorphic component over the other two somatotype components, having maximum endomorphic values for women in the age group of 50-55 years (6.60). Minimum and maximum ectomorphic values were observed at the age group of 76-80 years (0.99) and 61-65 years (1.77) respectively. Minimum mesomorphic values are at the age group of 71-75 years i.e. 3.08. A maximum mesomorphic value is observed at the age group of 50-55 years (4.23). Ectomorphic component decreases with age till 66-70 years of age group and then increases. Ectomorphic and mesomorphic components show a regular trend of declination except at the age groups of 61-65 years and 66-70 years, 76-80 years of age groups respectively. Maximum scattering of individual somatotype was found in 56-60 years of age group as indicated by maximum values of SDM and SAM.

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