3. Review Paper

Background: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome is increasing in developing countries like India at a very fast pace. The major groups being affected are both adolescents and adults. The age of occurrence of the risk factors for metabolic syndromes is much younger in population of India than that in other countries. Studies related to cardio metabolic factors among children and adolescents are few, and therefore a comprehensive review on this subject would bring about the magnitude of problem in the vital areas of anthropological research.
Objective: Purpose of this review is to give an overview on the scientific research done so far in this subject. The prevalence of metabolic risk factors in various communities residing in urban and rural settings has been highlighted. The occurrence of non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors and the probable reasons of their preponderance in Indians have also been accessed thoroughly through the available material on this topic.
Methods: The literature from 2006 till March 2016 was collected using electronic databases PUBMED and INDMED to identify relevant studies related to metabolic syndrome in adolescents in India.
Conclusion: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome is higher in urban areas but there is a rapid increase in rural areas as well. Traditional communities are adopting habits which were not originally theirs and this change is a growing cause of prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its associated risk factors in rural areas. Risk factors emerging in early age are indicators of occurrence of cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Neglecting this threat will lead to deterioration of health of people in this country. Thus, proper intervention and awareness programmes are required to identify the vulnerable groups prone to such health crisis, so the early detection and management of diseases can be done

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