3. Special Report

Punjab once known as the “Sone di Chiri”, the golden crescent is presently passing through the phase of drug abuse and drug trafficking which has rendered most of its youth to live a miserable life. It has not only affected the economy of the highly prosperous state but shattered the lives of many. Drug abuse affects the life of every member of the family, the close ones the worst. It leads to family disputes, broken marriages, divorces, debt on the families, loss of lives and in many cases welcomes the havoc causing diseases like HIV/AIDS due to needles used in injecting intravenous drugs. This issue has not been addressed much at the levels of the researchers. As the people or the families which are affected take is as a social stigma and don’t disclose it, it poses further hurdles in collecting the data. So far, the figures quoted by government departments when drug is seized at the borders present some data. Even these figures can’t be considered as the actual ones due to corruption involved at different levels. We have simply tried to address this issue and compiled the data available from government resources and figures quoted in leading news papers from time to time.

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