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Menarche and menopause demarcate potential reproductive life span among the females. A cross sectional study was carried out on a total of 1493 women belonging to four scheduled caste namely Chamar, Kori, Dhobi and Domar of District Banda of Uttar Pradesh (India). The mean age of the women studied was 34.5 years and they were from 10 to 95 years of age group. The study was conducted during 2014-2015 to assess the nature of menstruation, variation in age at menarche, menopause and reproductive life span among them. A pretested semi-structured interview schedule was used to collect the information about age at menarche, menopause and reproductive life span by door to door survey. The collected data was analysed by using SPSS and MS-excel. The average age at menarche and menopause and span of reproductive life were found 14.3±1.8 years, 44.5±4.5 years and 30.4±4.7 years respectively. There is no inter-caste difference in the nature of menstruation, age at menarche and age at menopause among them.

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