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The Marams are one of the sub-tribe of Naga tribes inhabiting at Senapati district of Manipur of northeast India. Marams have distinct food habit and food choices. The dietary habits of Maram are quite simple and mostly depend on the local sources of variety of vegetables and meats and other non vegetarian food items. Rice is the staple food and rice beer prepared from the locally available rice species is the favourite drink of the Marams, Their daily food intake normally includes rice, meat, fish, green leafy vegetables, potato, oil or fats etc. Food taboos may affect the nutritional status of a community or a subsection within it. Again, there may be appropriate reason for prohibiting certain food stuff. The present paper aims at exploring the food habits and food taboos of the Maram tribe living in Senapati district of Manipur, India. Information on food habits and taboos of the Maram are given in this paper.

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